Energy Projects, Ventures 
& Investments
Project Profiles
Sol Voltaics is a nanomaterials and process company with technology to improve the efficiency of energy capture, generation and storage (with solar PV as its first application) -- based in Lund, Sweden.
Ward Alternative Energy is developing an infrastructure of natural gas vehicle fueling stations and offering fueling station and vehicle support services -- based in Denver, Colorado.
Saoradh Energy Partners provides advisory services, capital and operational support for early and growth stage ventures in selected energy sectors.  The firm launched Saoradh Investment Fund I in 2014 to target the advanced transportation fuels sector.

General: Energy focus areas include advanced materials, conversion technologies, distributed power generation, energy storage and transportation fuels. We think the best ideas are based on natural gas, renewable energy and energy efficiency. And, we are interested in the critical intersection between science and industry.

For our clients and investments, we bring mission clarity, thoughtful team design, alignment of interests, data-driven market analysis, science-based evaluation of technologies, the customer's voice, and a passion for energy.  

Services: Our work ranges from research, analysis and planning to developing relationships between our clients and strategic partners to members of our team taking active roles in the design and growth of energy-related ventures.  We gather information and develop analyses, as well as create relationships that lead to technology development, market deployment and capital formation.

Investments: The firm deploys its capital to make investments in energy ventures, often the same companies for which it is providing advisory services or operational support.  In addition, we take positions in various energy instruments and securities to profit from the deep expertise and knowledge of our team.