Clean Energy, Advanced Materials 
& New Mobility
About Saoradh

Saoradh Energy Partners (SEP) was formed in 2010 by its Managing Partner, Paul Nelson. Our team is focused on building valuable companies in the clean energy, advanced materials and new mobility sectors.  These portfolio companies are primarily based in Colorado and the regional innovation hub area, one of the leading entrepreneurial markets in the US.  We have an emphasis on commercializing technologies from research institutions including the University of Colorado Boulder.

Investments: SEP deploys capital from its investment funds and partners with others to form additional capital to launch and grow early-stage companies. Coupled with capital formation, team members may fill key operating roles for limited periods of time and we typically take some type of governance role. We like to dig in with our portfolio companies, fully understand their offerings and market, and help them navigate the best path toward growth and a liquidity event.

Support:  As necessary, our team members provides support functions to SEP's early stage companies such as accounting, finance, human resources, IT, and market communications.  We also leverage the resources of this team to engage in projects including QMS program design, financial modeling, strategic planning, market or capital project analysis, key customer development and access to government incentives.

Saoradh: The firm's name represents the free energy of any system, also known in science as Gibbs free energy. Pronounced "seur-ug" if you're a Scotsman and phonetically if you're an American. Saoradh is a Gaelic word that means the act of freeing and ties back to the ancestry of SEP's founder.