Ian Nelson, Associate

Mr. Ian Nelson is an Associate at Saoradh Energy Partners (now Saoradh Enterprise Partners - SEP), joining the SEP team in 2012. During his first four years at Saoradh, he was on-loan to SEP portfolio company Ward Alternative Energy (WAE) full-time, filling many roles including: IT admin, part-time sales, marketing and design management, website development, CNG fueling station POS system back-office integration, implementation, development of proprietary key-fob payment creation, marketing, advertisement and implementation into customer fleets and data integration, and employee training plus on-hand responsibilities for emergency on-site mechanical and technical support as-needed of WAE fueling stations, and development of targeted fleet events hosted, funded and created directly by WAE.

Mr. Nelson has fifteen years of automotive, IT, sales, marketing, administration, HR, customer relations and design experience.

He is active at Saoradh providing IT, marketing/design, market research, and other project-level support for portfolio companies. He manages and supports IT services and has designed key marketing materials for Ward Alternative Energy, Redmark CNG Services and ALD NanoSolutions. He is also engaged in Saoradh's other projects and manages administration and HR for the SEP Boulder office.

Mr. Nelson has studied at Lincoln College of Technology, Front Range Community College and is CompTIA A+ and FuelMaster systems certified.